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random scenario meme )

Taken from [community profile] bakerstreet. Helpful ideas for all-purpose shenanigans.
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It's a seemingly normal world, no magic or supernatural things wreaking havoc. You go to school or work, living your life. You have friends and family, go to the movies sometimes, enjoy a walk in the park every now and then.

But there are things hidden keeping that normalcy safe. Keeping you safe. Perhaps it's about time you found out about them.

Learn about the world of the Crown Nobles and come play. )
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Which means I have been much more creatively inclined.

For context, please visit my art tumblr.

Here we go. )

Also I am taking commissions!!!! This is very important. Read here if you're interested!
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As a few of you may remember, I've previously posted an OST for [livejournal.com profile] hellfire_gouka.

Well now disc 2 is ready to go.

Track list disc 1. )


Track list disc 2. )


Download here. )

I've included lyrics in the zip as well.

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Livejournal names for my ECLIPSE characters, if they had them. )

You have no idea how tempted I was to snatch these once I saw they were free. But alas... I must not be like those who snag a cool name on LJ and never use it.

AIM names for my roleplay muses, if they had them. )
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Umm... no art with this one. At least not yet. I actually wrote part of this by hand, on paper. That's a new one. In fact, I almost scanned the paper I wrote on and posted it instead of rewriting all those words. Plus there's some special script that doesn't exactly exist anywhere outside of my mind yet.

Occurs euuhhhh several days after this? But before this. Idk the exact times, I need to hammer out my timeline.

Introducing Ryoko Hikari! Well, you've met Katsura before, but she got a nickname and discovered some cool dragony/light-bending powers she had since then. Also, I'd like to note that Hikari means "light" in Japanese and Gouka (Shinju's last name, if you haven't been paying attention) can mean "hellfire" when said (it's also his nickname because of that). /weaboo, putting stupid Japanese puns/symbolism in stories orz

I've had this story in my mind for a long time (year-ish? ...maybe two?) and it's about time I put it down in its entirety with a nice intro.


Anyway. I'll stop talking. Enjoy. )


* Yeah shut up I made a special script for the language Zek is speaking. This just says the same thing in the last stories, Kyserk. If you were curious, it means "burn", in the command form. Why yes I do plan on making my own language thank you for asking.

^ Seahr. Means "calm" in the specific sense of a fire calming. Also the command form. B|;


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