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I was on a mission through the world to find these magic rings, like collectibles in a video game, and I had a time limit. I remember going through this swamp-like area where I had to jump across a bunch of rocks first.

Then I ended up in an alien base and had to use some parkour and some good old fashioned shooting dudes to get through, which also included chemical flamethrowers (like I’d spray the chemical and they’d start burning, so I guess it was a strong acid or something). I eventually made it through to an underground part of the base and found my trusty laptop to get some more info, but they found me and I was about to book it when I woke up. :T

Damn roommates.
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Okay so the dream I had was some kind of mixture of Portal, Mirror's Edge, and Harry Potter, with a dash of MSPA-style time loops.

Initially, I was Harry )

So yeah... that was interesting. Wish my mom hadn't woken me up, but oh well. I probably wouldn't have made the effort to remember it if she hadn't.
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Yes, I'm finally typing down another dream in here. I need to do it more often.

So, I was Shinju, apparently, and I was some kind of secret agent working for an anti-government faction or something. )

Man, that was kind of depressing. But I'm starting to get more dreams where I'm Shinju...

Time to watch Young Black Jack!
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Dream time.

Nothing beats a jelly-filled donut. )
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Oh f-- dream times!

I was Lloyd, but I was like... something between a magician, scientist, and alchemist... )

I have a new love for Lloyd. He was so epic in this dream. |D

ETA: Related arts!

Here they be. )
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Yet another weird dream involving Kres. But he seemed to be mostly ic this time!

Starts out not involving him at all though, this was major wtf. )

Well that was pretty interesting. Oh! One last thing, I always like to mention what kind of weather there was. In the first part, it was night and cold outside, but mostly clear. For the cabin part, it was mid-afternoon and cloudy, with a bit of wind, but still fairly warm.

ETA: Accompanying art of Kresnik moping with his ukulele. Chair is different than the dream, but that's because I fail at chairs.


Jan. 9th, 2010 01:35 pm
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Sooo I had a weird dream last night.

Gdit Momo stop writing homonculi stuff B|; )

Well that's about all I remember. Thought Mel might like it. Sara, feel free to smack me. I feel so ridiculous for this.

At least I kinda had him IC when he hacked my computer the other night.


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