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Now get out of my head already, Zekarion. )
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Some more sketches and such to dump on you guys.

Here we go again... )
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We start today off with a fic of City keeper!Shinju and the accompanying art.


Click. )

And now for something completely different.

Chat shens and random doodles )

Enjoy. ♥
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Occurs a little more than a week after this, a day or two after this, and about five days before this and this.


He was late. )


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Umm... no art with this one. At least not yet. I actually wrote part of this by hand, on paper. That's a new one. In fact, I almost scanned the paper I wrote on and posted it instead of rewriting all those words. Plus there's some special script that doesn't exactly exist anywhere outside of my mind yet.

Occurs euuhhhh several days after this? But before this. Idk the exact times, I need to hammer out my timeline.

Introducing Ryoko Hikari! Well, you've met Katsura before, but she got a nickname and discovered some cool dragony/light-bending powers she had since then. Also, I'd like to note that Hikari means "light" in Japanese and Gouka (Shinju's last name, if you haven't been paying attention) can mean "hellfire" when said (it's also his nickname because of that). /weaboo, putting stupid Japanese puns/symbolism in stories orz

I've had this story in my mind for a long time (year-ish? ...maybe two?) and it's about time I put it down in its entirety with a nice intro.


Anyway. I'll stop talking. Enjoy. )


* Yeah shut up I made a special script for the language Zek is speaking. This just says the same thing in the last stories, Kyserk. If you were curious, it means "burn", in the command form. Why yes I do plan on making my own language thank you for asking.

^ Seahr. Means "calm" in the specific sense of a fire calming. Also the command form. B|;
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Occurs a few days after this.


I think this qualifies as child abuse. Or teenager abuse. Also a tiny bit of language 'cause Zek is a jerk. )


And some art because I'm not cruel enough to Shinju. )

Guh, ignore the horrible proportions in that last one. Dammit, I have trouble drawing legs. ._.
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Might as well post a link to my mood theme pictures so far. Slowly but surely, I'll get it done.

First off, a fic and the accompanying art. This occurs soon after this, either the same day or a day or two later.


The CEO of ECLIPSE leaned back in his chair, having just finished reading and signing the proposal lying on his desk. )

Now, short comic featuring Haruken and Shinju.

Click. )

And a few icons.

First icon post! )

Icons made from this comic on DeviantArt. Credit [ profile] dreamer_ryoko if you want, feel free to edit to your hearts content, etc.
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Partner drabble to this. Occurs at the same time, from Zekarion's point of view.

Again, dedicated to Meg. Thanks for all the encouragement. <3


Zekarion shivered from the cold, reaching up to adjust his jacket collar as he crossed the street. )


I should have read the first part of Paradise Lost and be sleeping by now. Oh well, there's time between classes tomorrow. Goodnight all, and enjoy.
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I dedicate this to Meg, since she manages to listen to my crazy ranting and says she still wants to hear more.

This takes place about three and a half weeks after this.

I might end up writing a short thing about this from Zek's point of view, and his thoughts on it.


Shinju Gouka followed closely behind the man he was forced to call 'Master', his head tilted down slightly. )


And the accompanying art, somewhat old... plus a bonus doodle. )

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This is a major turning point in the story for Shinju, when he's basically cursed into following Zekarion's orders. Here's a sort of intro:

Zek finds a way to contact Shinju (who's at SOR's HQ, the group trying to expose Zek's crimes) and tells him that he's captured the (co-)leader/scapegoat of SOR, Ryoko. Shinju goes to get her out, and confronts Zekarion--the man who murdered his parents and friends, then acted as his legal guardian and helped him recover his sanity.

Shinju attacks him after learning this, feeling betrayed, but he's no match. Instead of hurting him, though, Zek offers to let Ryoko go if he'll do one thing for him. Shinju agrees.


Excellent. Now, if you'll just hold still a moment... )


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