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Ryoko ([personal profile] dreamer_ryoko) wrote2013-07-30 02:43 am
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WHAT IF: Rekindle Edition

[Someone new arrived in Saeng Seong; a tall man with dark hair and piercing eyes.

Shinju hasn't been the same since he found out. He's warned you, nearly pleaded for you not to go near him or even speak to him over the network. Perhaps he has done so with many others. Maybe you noticed several people have been avoiding this man. It's probably more likely you noticed Shinju staying by your and his other friends' sides almost constantly. He's refused to speak about anything.

A few weeks later, Shinju disappears from sight for the first time in a long while. In the third district, in a dark, quiet warehouse, there's an argument; one side a familiar sounding enraged voice and the other weak and apologetic.

Perhaps you followed him here? Or maybe you're out and happen to hear something?

You move forward to investigate, quietly at first. The taller figure is leaning against a pillar, having trouble staying on his feet. The other holds something his hand.]

I am merely...

Shut up...! I've let myself be fooled by you too many times... I don't give a damn what you have to say!

I understand you are upset, but please... just allow me a few words...

[There's a brief silence.]

I know what I have done cannot be forgiven. But I must... let you know that I... am truly sorry.

Sorry? You're... sorry? You think I give a damn that you're sorry?! Sorry won't bring my parents back! [The smaller figure brings up the object in his hand--now obviously a gun--and shoots. The taller man lets out a cry of surprise and pain and slides down the pillar, bringing a shaky hand to his chest.

What now?]

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