dreamer_ryoko: (Default)
Ryoko ([personal profile] dreamer_ryoko) wrote2011-09-26 02:43 pm

Had a dream where I was combination Indiana Jones-Commander Shepherd.

I was on a mission through the world to find these magic rings, like collectibles in a video game, and I had a time limit. I remember going through this swamp-like area where I had to jump across a bunch of rocks first.

Then I ended up in an alien base and had to use some parkour and some good old fashioned shooting dudes to get through, which also included chemical flamethrowers (like I’d spray the chemical and they’d start burning, so I guess it was a strong acid or something). I eventually made it through to an underground part of the base and found my trusty laptop to get some more info, but they found me and I was about to book it when I woke up. :T

Damn roommates.

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