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2012-03-08 06:04 pm

Two of... ??????

Original stuff & a couple of other things here...

Yep, right here. )
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2012-03-08 05:13 pm

... Oh dammit.

I waited too long again. You know what, I'm just going to make separate entries for each kind of thing because dammit. This is my journal I do what I want.

General fanart... )
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2012-01-26 10:25 pm

School's in Session

Which means I have been much more creatively inclined.

For context, please visit my art tumblr.

Here we go. )

Also I am taking commissions!!!! This is very important. Read here if you're interested!
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2011-09-30 12:14 pm


One thing I love about college: I always end up drawing a ton.

See what I mean )
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2011-08-22 07:37 pm

o hi guys...

so um... I has arts?

here they are )

I can never keep up with what I've posted already sob.

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2011-02-09 12:15 am


Art dump! )

Don't forget my tegaki.

Ask questions and you will receive answers. So ask if there's a pic that interests you.
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2010-11-29 10:20 pm

Because I am procrastinating

Not much. Been too busy to properly art.

Meh... tired )

And don't forget about my Tegaki.
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2010-11-05 05:14 pm


I have some more things for you :D

First off, a Tegaki entry: Here.

And I've been doing some niceish comments if you guys want to see.

And here are the scans. )
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2010-09-26 06:23 pm

Another shortish post of Shadows and Trolls

Lalala. )

Well, time to do that double meme and study for my Latin test some more.