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Ryoko ([personal profile] dreamer_ryoko) wrote2011-04-30 12:52 pm

Shinju as a secret agent... do want.

Yes, I'm finally typing down another dream in here. I need to do it more often.

So, I was Shinju, apparently, and I was some kind of secret agent working for an anti-government faction or something. But the funny thing about a lot of my dreams is that they start in medias res, often at the very end. So I had been caught, with my partners either dead or in prison, and me missing half my left arm. I just kind of walked into one of the rooms where we used to hide out and lay down on my side, pretty much just hopeless. I think I was pretty sure they were going to execute me.

Now back to the beginning. The lady in charge of us was Cate Blanchett (pretty much exactly like in the movie Hanna only with grey hair), and she sent us on these missions to kill people and smuggle things I guess. I was working with other agents a lot, who I think were weird versions of Kresnik and Brock from Pokemon (at least, that's who he reminds me of) and some girl (blonde I think? We were always changing appearances and I guess her hair color did too). We always had a couple of changes of clothes on us to distract/fool people, and we were always kind of worried about getting caught. I think that the lady in charge could change us, as well (in more ways than one, I think, which is probably why we followed her so readily), and I remember her shapeshifting us into animals if we needed to hide suddenly. She was apparently some government person who was secretly sending us out to do these things under the higher-ups' noses.

Well, after several missions into the dream and keeping up disguises, I think we finally got to some train where we were supposed to escape. We were careful to go from car to car, scoping everything out before it left, but the government had apparently caught up with us. We scrambled to get where they couldn't find us, but they knew who we were, so we had to fight. We didn't do very well, though, so in the end, we decided to surrender. But they weren't planning on that, I guess, so when we came outside from the train, they shot us. Kresnik was killed, I think, the Brock guy was injured, and I had my left arm pretty much shot off from below the elbow (which sucked, because Shinju is left handed...). I think I found out that the lady in charge of us had basically told her superiors about us herself without saying she was the one who ordered us around, because I remember seeing her before I walked into that room and sat down.

Man, that was kind of depressing. But I'm starting to get more dreams where I'm Shinju...

Time to watch Young Black Jack!