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Ryoko ([personal profile] dreamer_ryoko) wrote2015-02-14 10:36 pm

Open Alfendi Layton RP

Here, in London's New Scotland Yard Serious Crime Division Classified Investigation Agency Headquarters, is where the most difficult, curious, and outright strangest crimes are solved. Inspector Alfendi Layton, one of the most brilliant men in law enforcement, heads this department, which he has nicknamed...

The Mystery Room.

... of course, the circumstances around this room, the one you're about to enter, are a bit different than those he's been so used to the last four years. He's found himself in a bit of a strange predicament, welcoming visitors he'd never thought existed, much less thought would come to him for help. For the life of him he can't find the reason behind it, but that door of his has been used by aliens, robots, talking animals, you name it. He thinks he must be finally losing it, but he reckons he might as well play along, especially when the cases are interesting. So it's been business as... usual.

He's kept all of this to himself, and since the reconstruction device has been getting the information it needs without anyone else's help, he hasn't really needed to tell anyone. In any case, the last place he wants to be is in some mental hospital for hallucinations when the rest of his mind is perfectly serviceable. He's still been solving the few cases New Scotland Yard's been assigning him with ease, after all.

So here you are, opening this door wherever you happen to be, because you need help with something--it need not be huge, just enough that you consider talking with this guy who's said to be one of the best. The details might be muddled, of course. You might not be expecting a cluttered office when you open the door, or the lithe man with dark red hair sitting back in his chair, mug of tea in one hand and a newspaper in the other as a talk show's tune quietly plays on the radio. But everyone says this is the place to get your problem solved. Why not ask him if he can help?

[Responses will come from [personal profile] mysteryprof!]

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