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Open Alfendi Layton RP

Here, in London's New Scotland Yard Serious Crime Division Classified Investigation Agency Headquarters, is where the most difficult, curious, and outright strangest crimes are solved. Inspector Alfendi Layton, one of the most brilliant men in law enforcement, heads this department, which he has nicknamed...

The Mystery Room.

... of course, the circumstances around this room, the one you're about to enter, are a bit different than those he's been so used to the last four years. He's found himself in a bit of a strange predicament, welcoming visitors he'd never thought existed, much less thought would come to him for help. For the life of him he can't find the reason behind it, but that door of his has been used by aliens, robots, talking animals, you name it. He thinks he must be finally losing it, but he reckons he might as well play along, especially when the cases are interesting. So it's been business as... usual.

He's kept all of this to himself, and since the reconstruction device has been getting the information it needs without anyone else's help, he hasn't really needed to tell anyone. In any case, the last place he wants to be is in some mental hospital for hallucinations when the rest of his mind is perfectly serviceable. He's still been solving the few cases New Scotland Yard's been assigning him with ease, after all.

So here you are, opening this door wherever you happen to be, because you need help with something--it need not be huge, just enough that you consider talking with this guy who's said to be one of the best. The details might be muddled, of course. You might not be expecting a cluttered office when you open the door, or the lithe man with dark red hair sitting back in his chair, mug of tea in one hand and a newspaper in the other as a talk show's tune quietly plays on the radio. But everyone says this is the place to get your problem solved. Why not ask him if he can help?

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When a strange magical door appeared right next to his room in Balamb Garden, Squall only narrowed his eyes. Where did that door come from? He didn't think anyone was doing any remodeling and it didn't look like the door actually led to some place. But... it could also be the doing of Sorceress Edea. He wouldn't be surprised, especially since they were still planing to fight her despite their memories of the orphanage being recovered.

He didn't bother to get his comrades, he could handle this by himself. Sure, it would be easier to have them, but he didn't want to wait and he liked to fight on his own if he had the choice. This was one of those opportunities.

He pulled out his gunblade and opened the door, fully expecting to see the Sorceress sitting there and waiting for him.
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The inspector was in the middle of taking a sip of his tea when he caught the first glance of the visitor, but a quick double-take made him realize the young man who'd entered was carrying a rather large weapon, and he nearly choked on the liquid as he gave a start. Thankfully he didn't spill any on the many papers on his desk, and he moved to carefully put both the items in his hands down as he returned his attention to... whoever this was. Judging by the scene he could see behind the door, it was another one of those visitors.

"P-pardon me," he said, getting the last of the tea out of his windpipe and watching Squall with some awkward concern. "May I... help you?"
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...What the hell?

Genuine confusion shown through the normally blank facade Squall usually has. Who was this old geezer? And what exactly was this room? He was starting to highly doubt that he was tied to Edea, but that still left many questions unanswered. Even though he didn't look threatening, Squall still kept a grip on his gunblade. However, he did lower it so that it was pointing to the ground now.

"You can start by answering my questions." Squall's face turned completely serious now. "Who are you? And what are you doing in Balamb Garden?" This place was his home and he was going to protect it. Squall had a hard time admitting that out loud, but he still cared about it and all the people here.
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Alfendi glanced at the blade with some amount of worry, but brushed it aside as he got to his feet. None of his encounters had ended catastrophically yet... He was going to hope this would continue that trend.

"I'm Inspector Alfendi Layton of New Scotland Yard," he explained, putting a hand in one of his stuffed pockets.

As for the other question... he let out something of a sigh, bringing a hand to his chin. Yet another person he'd have to explain this to, when he hardly knew himself. It was a constant nagging presence in his mind, just begging to be solved, but the current situation took precedence.

"I'm afraid I've never heard of Balamb Garden. The office you're standing in is in London, England, though I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't heard of it. My door seems to have acquired some... special properties as of late."
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He noticed the worry on the man's face. Good, that meant he was intimidated and more likely to talk. Also meant that he probably wouldn't need to get into a fight. Squall had no problems getting into one, but he wasn't about to attack for no reason at all either.

The name didn't ring any bells. He didn't even know where Scotland Yard was at.

"You're implying that door led to your office." Right. He was becoming more doubtful about what he was saying. Even if that was true, how could he not have known where he set this door at? "And you are also implying that you set this portal here without doing so yourself."

Yep, he didn't believe him at all. Squall was starting to become more and more distrustful, the grip on his gunblade tightening. They were about to attack Galbadia Garden, so for all he knew, this guy could be a spy.
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"I'm not the one who did anything to my door, and I would have appreciated it if I'd been told about it," he clarified. "Unfortunately, it's a mystery I have yet to solve."

He would get through it, eventually. He just needed evidence... which was rather hard to gather on his own. Not to mention that it didn't work for him except as a normal door.

"Normally, this door leads to the rest of the building, so I can't open it into Balamb Garden, for instance. If you'd like, I can prove it to you."

The inspector took a step forward and gestured to the door with his free hand, but kept his distance for now. He was keeping an eye on that blade, even if his usual calm demeanor masked most of his concern.
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So, either this guy was lying or he was a complete fool that couldn't figure out why doors to his office appeared in random places. Either way, Squall was finding himself less and less patient with him.

"Fine. Prove it." Squall moved to the side so that the inspector could move forward and open it. But he also made that there was enough distant between them so that he could still counter and strike back if the older man decided to do anything threatening.
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He hadn't had to make this demonstration for many of his visitors, but it was repetitive enough that it was a little tiring. Nonetheless, the man strode by and closed the door behind him with a click, trying to keep his curiosity under control about this Garden. When he opened it again, what was behind the doorway was no longer the part-airship, part-school Squall was familiar with, but a long hallway of wood and plaster, sun coming through the windows.

"Now that you've seen it with your own eyes, I trust I won't have to elaborate further. There's not much else to say on the matter."

He kept his hand on the doorknob, holding it open for the moment.
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This could be another trick, but to do something like this probably involved a high level of magic. Edea was probably capable, but he was still uncertain if they were connected. This guy didn't fit the bill of a soldier or knight, although there was more to a war than just soldiers.

Perhaps he was being overly cautious, but he wasn't about to take any chances. He was the SeeD commander now. People... the students were counting on him to lead. Even though he pretended to be aloof, the pressure was definitely there. He cared about what they might think of him and he just didn't want to let them down.

"You really have no idea how this magic door works?"
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"As I said, it's a question I haven't found the answer to yet."

He closed the door again, content with the display, and moved back over to his desk to lean against the corner. This young man was certainly suspicious of him, that much was clear, but he hoped there was actual meaning to his appearance.

"I'm not sure how they came to know of me, but my visitors usually come to me with some kind of problem they need help with."

The inspector rubbed his chin, pondering. It was something of a boost to his ego, that people from different and far off worlds would know of him and come to get his help, even if it came with its own set of issues.

"So, there must be something you have for me to solve."
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Why was it that people never seemed to have the answer to the questions most important at the time?

Squall placed his face in his hand for a moment, but he soon looked over at the other man when he started to talk again. Great. He was dealing with some looney that actually sat there and helped anyone that came through this door.

"Don't have any." Squall eventually decided to put away his gunblade; there probably wasn't any point in keeping it out. However, he wasn't about to ask this random guy for help, he didn't think he was going to be useful in the fight against Edea or Galbadia for one thing. Maybe if he had more battle expertise, fine. Squall didn't think that was the case.

Plus, he didn't trust him at all.
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Alfendi held back a sigh. There seemed to be little point to this exchange after all. How disappointing.

"Then the door is right behind you," he said with a polite smile and a gesture with his hand. There was no need to prolong the visit if there was nothing either of them would gain from it.
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He didn't need to be told a second time. He was wasting time being here and he didn't have a lot of it nowadays. Sure, this guy was still suspicious, but Squall planned on setting a couple of guards outside of the door. It should be enough in case he ended up being an enemy.

The young mercenary turned and walked to the door. He grabbed its handle and yanked it open, but instead of the familiar sight of his home, he was literally facing a wall.

There was only one conclusion to this.

Angry, he quickly turned around to face Alfendi, clearly not in the mood for any of this. "What did you do?"
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The inspector was just as surprised by the appearance of the wall, having fully expected--and hoped--that he'd be left in peace. This was something of a predicament.

"Erm... that's never happened before."

Having an angry teenager with a sword who blamed him for being stuck in his office wouldn't do him any good, that was for certain. Perhaps he had wished too hard for a mystery to solve this time...
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A likely story.

His patience was wearing thin and he didn't enjoy being played like a fool. Squall had no reason to believe him, not with all these suspicions actions adding up.

"Why should I trust you?" Keeping the SeeD commander trapped before a big mission was a pretty smart move. Maybe he should've asked for reinforcements-- no. It was fine. He could still figure a way out.
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"Why would I keep a stranger with a weapon locked in my office?" Alfendi countered, quickly recovering his calm. He took a step away from his desk, both hands in his pockets, but didn't move towards the door-wall yet. He wasn't interested in getting into the range of the young man's sword, even though his father had trained him in evading blades from a young age.

Despite his caution, he kept his eye mostly on the offending portal, a frown on his face as he attempted to work through why this might have occurred and how to fix it.
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"People sacrificing themselves for the mission isn't unheard of." That was what SeeDs were expected to do, if it came down to it. They were sent on missions as mercenaries, but none of them were guaranteed to make it back alive. The upcoming fight with Galbadia was no exception. Squall knew that some of the people he grew up with were going to die; people he saw each day in class.

It was mostly why he wanted to distance himself from them. He didn't want go through the pain of losing someone close to him again, like Sis-- Ellone.
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"I may be a part of law enforcement, but I assure you I have no interest in dying any time soon."

He hadn't spent a month in a coma to die at the hands of some stubborn teenager years later, from another world or not.

"Let's remain calm and figure this out, shall we?"
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While he still didn't trust him, there wasn't much he could really do. Squall wasn't about to risk killing him and accidentally trapping himself in this place forever. Guess he could try and interrogate him, but... he rather not resort to that. What if this guy turned out to be innocent? He tried to be stoic, but he didn't want to be someone that hurt civilians.

"..." Squall crossed his arms, but he seemed to be in a more agreeable mood. "What's the first step?"
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Perhaps the young man wasn't as stubborn as he first thought--that made the situation much easier to deal with.

"I'm glad you've seen the light."

Now more confident that his visitor was going to cooperate, the first step was to move to the door himself and close it, then open it again. Of course, the wooden wall behind the frame didn't disappear to reveal the familiar hallway, stubbornly remaining where it appeared before. Of course.

"A stubborn portal," he remarked. "Perhaps what triggered the change is the inconsistency in your visit. No one has tried to leave before I've solved something, at least partially..."
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Squall folded his arms as he watched the inspector work with the door again. He wasn't really inclined to fiddle around with it, although he wondered what was exactly beyond that wall now. He could probably break it by casting a few spells or even summoning one of his GFs...

"There's nothing for you to solve." He was being honest about that really. When he thought about problems, he thought of his upcoming fight with Edea and Galbadia. There wasn't anything more important to him right now than keeping his home and the students safe. It was his mission. "Unless you can handle a gun or sword, you won't be much use to helping me."
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"Why don't we start with you telling me more about your situation."

It was as good a place a start as any, he thought. He needed more information if they were going to make any progress. And while he was quite familiar with using a gun, he had no intention of fighting for anyone.

"Unless you have any other ideas, of course."
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"A sorceress wants to conquer the world and my... allies and I are the only ones equipped to stop her." He wasn't about to call them his friends, even though he did regard them as such. They were people he could trust now, but admitting it out loud was still a whole other matter for Squall.

"About to begin the invasion on Galbadia Garden and I'm going to lead them into the battle." He figured that there was no point lying about it.
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Layton wouldn't have been a very good detective if he hadn't noticed the pause before the teen said allies. Whether or not he was hesitant to call them that because of a lack or overabundance of attachment was something that was still up for grabs, however.

"Do you feel you have enough information on this garden? And adequate plans?"
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Honestly, Squall wasn't completely confident about the plans he made to attack the other garden. They didn't expect Galbadia to be near the orphanage, so the upcoming plans were made on a whim. However, he was a SeeD-- he and the others had to be ready.

"They're adequate." He didn't enjoy the thought of losing more people, but he was the commander now. People were relying on him and he couldn't be weak. He couldn't break down when people were depending on his orders and strength to pull through this. "I gave my orders. All of us just need to fight with everything we have."
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i need to play this game all over again now. :'|

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"It sounds like you haven't had much time to prepare."

Adequate wasn't exactly a word that exuded confidence. It's interesting to the inspector that someone so young would be giving orders--it was rare to see anyone younger than their early 20s in any kind of leadership position in military or law enforcement here in England.

"This situation of yours does indeed sound dire if your world is about to be conquered, so I suppose I understand your need for haste. Even so..." He tapped his fingers on his desk, looking thoughtful. "It's not likely to do you much good, if your soldiers are lost and there's no further chance of resisting."