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Writing fic is such a nice release.

If there was one thing he hated most in this world, it was humans.

They were a filthy race--though they may have kept their bodies clean, their souls were tainted with cruelty and malice. It was one of the few things he was certain of, ever since that incident five years ago.

And this one would pay for feigning kindness. Pretending to care for others. For getting in his way of making this world a purer place.

And he had paid. He'd already lost all his connections--all of those who could possibly help him now. He was a pawn for him to use, bait, a tool. So he made sure the boy knew his place. And eventually he came to accept it, slow and painful as the process was. But Zekarion felt no remorse. This was a creature incapable of doing the world any good. He would have pitied him, if he'd bothered to consider it.

Now he was an empty shell, his soul broken and shattered. He was harmless now, and the perfect slave.


He was wrong.

He'd been so horribly wrong. All of this time, these past several years.

It had taken this child--the one who'd lost as much as he had--to make him see. He'd nearly sacrificed himself for a complete stranger. Without even thinking about it.

He didn't know what to think. What to do. All this time, he'd been twisting and torturing that kind heart that had been right in front of him. He had just been too blind to see it. How could he make up for it? Already the boy had broken. Could he somehow piece him back together? Could he even atone for what he'd done? Something in him felt so guilty it hurt.

This poor young prince that he'd taken everything from. He wondered if he could ever earn his forgiveness. Perhaps it didn't matter if he wasn't forgiven. No. He would understand if he wasn't. But if he could somehow help the boy... he would be satisfied.

If such a caring young man existed, perhaps humans weren't as horrible as he'd thought.

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Awww, Zek really is good.

Deep. Deep. DEEP in there.
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Way down in there.

Re: I fail

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Oh Zek, you still have some conscience left after all.

For some reason, Heath is disappoint.
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Yes. It ends up being the source of his final break and then he just starts spiraling downward into a cycle of hate and destruction etc.

Gtfo Heath nobody cares about you

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good job man

Heath doesn't give a crap
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he'd cry if he could :(

/boots him

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poor guy

Heath just laughs at you