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Ryoko ([personal profile] dreamer_ryoko) wrote2011-01-20 02:01 am


Shinju landed on the carpet with a painful thud, letting out a brief cry.

Zekarion stood over him, casting a shadow onto the virtually defenseless boy, staring with gleaming yellow eyes--Shinju would have compared them to some kind of feral beast if he hadn't been so disoriented in his fear. He trembled, tears threatening to come to his eyes as he held his arm in front of him as a pitiful but instinctual defense.

"S-stop, please, I h-haven't done anything wrong--" he stammered, hoping to appeal to whatever mercy was left in the man towering above him. But he would have none of it.

A sharp kick aimed at the solar plexus sent Shinju's world into circles, and though he already was on the floor, he collapsed further, curling up slightly as he let out a pained, raspy cough. He didn't have any time to recover as the dark-haired demon pushed his shoulder to the floor, digging the heel of his dress shoes into the boy and threatening to crack the bones there.

Shinju didn't know what to do. He was so frightened--this monster had complete control over him and there was absolutely nothing he could do to guarantee that he wouldn't be sent into a spiral of pain resembling Hell--a fitting name, he thought, for the experience he had to suffer through when he said that word...

He just lay there, taking whatever Zekarion decided to mete out. Pleading made no difference. Begging made no difference. It all ended the same way.


He couldn't help the tears that came to his eyes, but something in him was resigned to this fate, forced to be this man's near-slave. He hardly even paid attention as Zekarion used him as a means to vent his anger, bruising and breaking him and leaving him prostrate on the carpet.

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