dreamer_ryoko: (butterfly)
Ryoko ([personal profile] dreamer_ryoko) wrote2010-09-26 06:23 pm

Another shortish post of Shadows and Trolls

First up, a WIP of Shinju's and Kresnik's Shadows.

Now... some random scenes from logs and a height comparison. I really need to try to keep relative heights in mind...

Some cursed!Shinju doodles, kind of inspired by the AU post in... UA. Haha.

Shinju Troll basic concept. I may end up changing this.

Troll Ryoko and her lusus, Aurora the wyvern. The WIP is here.

I wanted a new avatar for my Tegaki, so I did something simple and cute.

Well, time to do that double meme and study for my Latin test some more.

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