dreamer_ryoko: (black jack)
Ryoko ([personal profile] dreamer_ryoko) wrote2010-05-04 03:00 am

Art woooooooooah

It's been building up a bit I guess. Time to let the floodgates of my photobucket loose.

Lower left is Toothless. Top is Ryoko, Right is Glen.

This is what Shinju was like originally, before I had the dream that inspired his current story.

Featuring Gray from Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song (just Romancing SaGa in the US.)

Moar BA!Shinju.

Moar shenanigans, including dragon!Shinju.

So I have this language called Zeahvt'ho that's in my story phase:ECLIPSE, rite? Anyone remember how I said it has a different script? ... yes? No? No?

Okay great.

Well here it is.

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